Our sins were a debt in our spiritual bank account that we had no way of clearing. One day the demand would be made upon us to settle this debt or be cast into a fiery prison. What a fearful thought knowing a hellish reckoning is coming without a single hope within ourselves of avoiding it! Our only hope is that someone else would reconcile our debt for us. Then enters Christ who settled our debt by becoming our sin for us and then giving us his perfect righteousness. In Christ God is no longer counting our sins against us! The written record of the debt of our sins that stood against us was taken away. This means the account was not only paid in full and satisfied, but it was also shut down and removed, never to be opened again! There is no sin account with your name on it in heaven anymore! There is no place where sin can be recorded against you ever again. Your account was taken away and nailed to the Cross in Christ (Col 2:13-14). We have a new account now and it's called the gift of His righteousness. This account is an inheritance we have received. We didn't earn it and it is therefore not dependent upon us in anyway. It is full and overflowing with God's righteousness. Sin cannot affect it, it can't drain it, it can't diminish it. This account is given and maintained by grace and not our works. It is managed by our heavenly mediator and advocate, Jesus Christ (1 Joh 2:1-2). It stays as perfect and full of righteousness as much is God is perfect and full of righteousness!

Some people erroneously think that when they sin, that very sin appears in their spiritual bank account and their righteousness account goes down respectively. They believe that through repentance and asking for forgiveness that sin disappears from their account and causes their righteousness account to go back up again. They live in fear of their accounts not balancing and receiving the due consequence from God. They believe that as long as their account doesn't balance their relationship with God is compromised. If they die with an unreconciled account their is fear of what may happen. Some believe their salvation may be lost, others believe their will be other consequences. Surely this is bondage, legalism, self righteousness and a recipe for God's people to live fearful and insecure and outside of the perfect love of God which casts out fear. Surely Jesus did not die for this kind of a complicated accounting nightmare. What about all the sins committed that we may not even consider sins yet God does?, or the ones we forgot about? I'm sorry but if your righteousness is not perfect because of even a single one of your sins affecting it that you failed to clear from your account, you are NOT going to heaven! Thank God our sins cannot affect our spiritual account anymore! If you think you must maintain your righteousness through the transaction of repentance and asking for forgiveness then you are no better off than Israel under the law covenant and your eternal destiny is as unstable as theirs was. You've merely exchanged animal sacrifices with the act of repentance and asking for forgiveness and given them the exact same value.

I thank God that grace is not like that! There is no part of salvation that is our doing! Not getting it, nor maintaining it! In Christ we have a new spiritual bank account and it is full of His unending righteousness and grace. The old account of sin is gone. God made it this way! Religion cannot accept this because it still wants to offer some kind of a sacrifice or performance to get rid of sins. But faith believes what Christ has done and that it's a perfect, complete and finished work! Its our inheritance as sons of God. Not by works but by grace alone through faith in our wonderful and perfect saviour, Jesus Christ!

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