Our reborn spirit is right now currently part of the new creation! It has been completely glorified! It has been regenerated by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit! Made new! Born of God. Your spirit is now as perfect as its ever going to be. It's as perfect as Christ!!! Inside your spirit you have the fullness of Christ. Your spirit has been changed into the very same image as Christ! (2 Cor 3:18) In fact this revelation goes so deep that 1 Corinthians 6:17 says that we are now one spirit with Christ!
Your mind and your body have yet to be made perfect. They are still part of the old creation but have been redeemed and guaranteed to be one day be part of the new creation. When we go to be with the Lord our minds will be glorified and made perfect (1 Cor 13), and our bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye to be like Christ's at His return (1 Cor 15). Until then we offer our body as a living sacrifice and renew our mind (Romans 12).
Sanctification isn't about trying to be made holy. You have already been made holy once and for all and made perfect in your spirit. You have already been sanctified! The life you now live in the body you live from your perfect position of holiness in Christ! The starting point of sanctification is that you have already been made perfect in your spirit and as you walk in the spirit this will manifest in your body and your mind!
To walk in the Spirit now is to live from your reborn spirit in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and walking in the spirit covenant - grace. Walking in the spirit is to walk with your spirit in charge over your body and your mind. Your spirit must enforce that your body and mind are laid down and yielded to your spirit. Your spirit is master - your body and mind are the servants, not the other way round! Your spirit has ascendancy and dominion over your body and mind. When we walk in grace and in fellowship with the Holy Spirit our spirit will reign over our flesh and all the realities of your new creation reborn spirit will manifest through your mind and body!
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