How should we study and view the book of Revelation?
Below is a link to a great article that's a well balanced overview of the four different views of interpretation of the book of Revelation. Firstly though, let me say I believe that we're going to increasingly see those who are coming into grace seeking to understand this book of Revelation more and more. I believe it is important that everyone stays humble and teachable on this issue and doesn't pick a side and divide with others who take a different view. This may be a challenge as we can all get so passionate about our revelation including myself. But lets not forget the most important things. I believe that arriving at a strong conviction on our escatology is not as important as building the Church, reaching out to the lost, seeing people set free, unity of the Spirit, and walking in fellowship with people you need and who need you, and therefore it's not worth dividing over because we may hold different views. Lets not persecute people who hold a different view to us or force our view on them and get upset and worked up if they don't see it how we see it. The truth is Jesus reigns, He is building His Church to be a light that shines in this world, we may face trouble and persecution in this world that we need to endure and keep our eyes on Christ, all mankind will stand before God one day and give an account, all believers win in the end - how exactly it all unfolds from now until the end is not as important as loving Jesus, loving His church and loving the lost.
Lets do our very best to take a more mature and loving way of holding a conviction while walking with people who differ, and not take an immature stance that fights with and divides from people who don't see things how they do. Challenge accepted?

Article: Four Views of Revelation by Patrick Zukeran.

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