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March 31, 2013
Isaiah 52: 71 Timothy 2: 5Romans 4: 25\r\n\r\nA mediator is usually a third party or group who makes a deal or contract between two other parties or groups.\r\n\r\n“協議促進者“一般泛指一個第三者或群體,促進另外雙方或兩個群體一起訂立協議或合約。\r\n\r\nBut in the Gospel Christ is a different type of mediator.\r\n\r\n在聖經中,耶穌是一位不同的協議促進者。\r\n\r\nGod and man come face to face in this one person Jesus. Jesus is not a third party, He is God and He is man.\r\n\r\n在這位耶穌裡,神和人能面對面相對。耶穌不是第三者,祂是神,也是人。\r\n\r\nThis is perfect mediation in which man faces God directly and God faces man directly and there is perfect unbroken love.\r\n\r\n祂是個完美的協議者。在祂裡面,人與神正面相對,神與人正面相對,祂本身就是完美完整的愛。\r\n\r\nTo become a man was always Gods desire and plan. Man is Gods idea. So when God became a man He became the type of man He always wanted man to be.\r\n\r\n要成為人的樣式,是神恒常的願望和計劃。人類也是神的旨意。所以當神成為一個人的樣式的時候,祂已為人類塑造了一個典範的樣式。\r\n\r\nWhat is that exactly? It is simply this: for man to be perfectly united with God in perfect unbroken love.\r\n\r\n這是什麼意思呢?道理很簡單:就是人要活在神完美的愛中,與神結合在一起。\r\n\r\nJesus is the union of God and man without separation, Jesus fully represented God, in fact He is God. Jesus fully represented man, in fact He is man.\r\n\r\n耶穌把神與人聯合在一起,神與人不能分割。耶穌完全地代表了神,事實上祂本身就是神。耶穌完全地代表了人,事實上祂也是人。\r\n\r\nOn the cross Jesus embraced and received all of us into Himself representing all of us to God. Now here\'s why the resurrection of Jesus is so powerful and relevant to each of us, are you ready to hear why?... God did not stay a man for only 33 years. After the cross Jesus did not leave his human body in the grave on the earth and go back to heaven only as God. The resurrection of the human body of Jesus is the proof that God united himself with humanity in an eternal unbreakable union.\r\n\r\n在十架上,耶穌擁抱和接納了全人類,與祂合二為一,如此,祂就代表了我們去到天父面前。現在你将要知道為什麼耶穌的復活是如此的有大能,與我們每個人息息相關。你準備好要聽了嗎?……神並不是在地上只做了33年的人,訂了十架以後,耶穌並没有只把祂那人的軀體留在墳塋裡,然後回到天堂做回神的身份。耶穌人的軀體的復活,是神與人合二為一,進入永恒不可分割的凭証。\r\n\r\nIn his death on the cross all of our sins past present and future were wiped away, all of first Adams death in us destroyed, all our guilt and judgment and fear removed and obliterated. But in his resurrection we were restored blameless forever, innocent, and perfectly united with God in perfect grace forever.\r\n\r\n因着耶穌在十字架的死亡,把我們所有過去、現在和將來的罪完全地洗淨了,所有因着第一個亞當帶來罪的死亡的咒詛已被粉碎,所有我們的罪孽,被審判和恐懼已被除掉及塗抹。但因着祂的復活,我們早已與神永遠地和好,永遠地不再被責備。我們早已以純潔、完美的樣式,在神完美的恩典中,永遠地與神合二為一。

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