Our Vision

Our Mission Statement:

"To bring people to Jesus and membership in His family. To develop them into Christ-like maturity

and equip them for their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world in order to magnify

God's name."


There are five M’s in that statement:

  1. Membership - Saving the lost and seeing them added to the local church.
  2. Maturity - Discipling people to believe, think and act like Christ.
  3. Ministry - Empowering people to serve in the Church and world in their areas of gifting.
  4. Mission – Helping people to fulfill the call of God that’s on their life and on City Church.
  5. Magnify – Our desire as a church is to see all of Hong Kong glorifying the name of Jesus!


We believe that in order for a church to be healthy it must have a ministry focus that is upward, inward and outward.

  1. Upward: Christ centered - Living for Christ and placing a high value on His Word and presence.
  2. Inward: Christ wants to bless and empowered His beloved.
  3. Outward: Commission focused – Preparing and positioning for discipling our city.


In order to fulfill our vision there are some things that we want to do well:

  • Preaching that sets the captives free, builds faith and empowers people through grace to be and do all that God has called them to.
  • Excellence that gives importance to the message and presence of Christ.
  • Creating atmospheres that help people relax and open up to the Gospel.
  • Miracles that reveal Gods love, and endorse His message.
  • Prophecy that builds the church and reveals God to the lost.
  • Hospitality that connect with our visitors and cares for one another.
  • Serving together to see the lost saved and the church built up.
  • Integrate Groups that care for people and integrate them into the life and purpose of the church.
  • Children’s ministry that raises the next generation up in Christ.
  • Pastoring that gets people Christ dependent, upward and outward focused.
  • Discipling that trains and empowers people to fulfill the call of God that is on their life and the church they’re a part of.
  • Let God love us and love others through us!


The Five Phases of City Church International Development

  • Phase 1: to plant a church and establish our DNA.
  • Phase 2: to grow large. (God has put a church of 10,000 on our hearts!)
  • Phase 3: To gain the favor of the government and people through caring for the city and through healing miracles.
  • Phase 4: Invade the media with the Gospel and shift the culture from fear-based religion to faith-based Kingdom culture.
  • Phase 5: Multiply and reproduce locally and worldwide.