Should we still hunger for the presence of God since we have the Spirit within? It's funny because often the same people who say you shouldn't hunger also say things like they don't fast they just feast. But how do you feast if you're not hungry? The way I see it is, to use an example, is that I don't hunger after my wife in order to be married to her, I hunger after her because I love her and I want intimacy with her. We don't seek God or hunger for God for union - we already have that, we hunger after Him or seek Him for intimacy. Hunger and seeking has to be involved. Walking in the Spirit and deep intimacy with God is not just automatic. If it was then every believer would be walking in the Spirit and intimacy with God 24/7 but this is definitely not the case. We have to do something about it, which I believe God loves and responds to! Sometimes in all the busyness my wife and I cannot spend much time together. I think something would be wrong if I didn't start hungering for her! The more I'm away from her the more I hunger for her and long for her. It doesn't mean that I feel like we're not married anymore. If my hunger is to be married to her again then my hunger is wrong! But if my hunger is simply because I want to spend time with her and be close then my hunger is appropriate and good! Hunger is healthy in a relationship.
When hungering is based on a misunderstanding of grace then obviously hungering is wrong. If a believer feels they have lost their union with God and therefore they must hunger and seek him to get it back then they are misguided and their hungering is wrong. Or if they think the more hungry they are the more it will earn a good response back from God and cause him to receive them more, that's wrong.
Regarding "we don't have to hunger for the presence of God because we have the Spirit within". It sounds good in theory but in practise it generally leads Christians to becoming very dry and not actually knowing the Holy Spirit. There's a big difference between having the Spirit within and walking in the tangible presence of God. Many Christians have the Spirit within yet never experience the transforming presence of God. They mostly just have a cerebral understanding of the Holy Spirit within. I'm a grace person who has the Holy Spirit within yet I still hunger and seek the presence of God! The thing that many people don't understand is that walking in the Spirit is not automatic, you have to "get in the Spirit". The natural default setting of this world is to walk in the flesh (body and mind realm). We live in the flesh realm (physical and mental) and interact with this world and other people through the flesh realm. Even though we are spirit beings and have access to the spiritual realm we still have to get in the spirit. The default setting of all Christians is to be in the flesh until they actively get in the Spirit. There's no need to argue about Scripture on this one as it is simply what we observe happening all over the world. It's only those believers who get into the Spirit that walk in the Spirit. To get in the Spirit involves worship, prayer, praying in tongues, encountering God's presence, aligning our hearts with Christ and His Gospel, feeding on good spiritual food - (the anointed Word with revelation), soaking in God's presence and renewing our mind. So to stop Christians from hungering actually just puts them in a passive position and will have them fool themselves thinking they're walking in the Spirit when actually they're just in the flesh. Getting in the Spirit is an active thing. It involves hunger. It involves seeking! Now the better our understanding of grace is the easier we'll be able to get in the Spirit because we're not going through all our Old Covenant lists of things to do in order to get right with God or get back in fellowship with God or get righteous again! We simply step straight in! And then go deeper and deeper into the Spirit and presence of God! I've tried not hungering and I've tried hungering and by far hungering is better! Stay hungry for the presence of God and enjoy walking in the spirit with Him on a daily basis.

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