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Why Your Faith Won't Work under The Law 1833
Walking in Your Calling 1450
Should Grace Make Us Anti-Church? 1134
Money Is Not The Measure of Your Wealth! 1094
Difficult scriptures explained! (Matthew - Revelation) 1862
The Grace of Giving 2676
Is “Rest” Just a Recipe for Laziness? 3135
Is the Grace Movement just another splinter group from the orthodox Church? 2667
Do we need apostolic ministry since we have the Holy Spirit? 2623
Does the Law play any part in our ongoing Christian walk? 2579
How do we explain Romans 3:31 and Matthew 5:17-19 in the context of the New Covenant? 4038
Is Our Spirit Already Glorified? 2090
What does it mean to obey Christ in the New Testament? 2089
Grace books from New Nature. 1630
Which will stop sin more, the Law or the new nature? 1464
Can sin break your fellowship with God as a believer? 5486
Loving people: commanded or compelled? 1855
What’s the difference between holiness in the OC and NC? 1698
Some provocative thoughts on tithing 2435
The Two Systems of Tithing in the Bible 4284
Quotes about Giving 1901
What about confession and repentance? 2670
Empowering grace vs. paralyzing grace. 3779
Finding yourself again in 2013 1820
Do believers still need the Ten Commandments? 2678
Fulfilling Your Dreams for 2013 - The Power of Discipline 1881
Discipleship #3: Be baptized in the Holy Spirit 4437
Discipleship #2: Be baptized in water 4210
Discipleship #1: Follow after Christ 3907
If you take the law off Christians then what is left to restrain them? 4036

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