Some believers think that having a sin consciousness will help you to avoid sin. If you think about your wrong doing, feel the shame of it, carry the guilt of it then it will deter you from repeating those things. Really? What New Covenant scriptures is that based on? That is purely Old Covenant thinking. The problem was that didn't even work in the Old Covenant. At best sin consciousness will only lead to more sinning! What you focus on you move towards. What you think about all day is the atmosphere you'll create around yourself. Do you really want a sin atmosphere around you all day? You wonder why you struggle so much with sin? Perhaps it's because your mind is constantly focused on sin? Why don't you try focusing on righteousness? On Christ and his perfect gift of righteousness that he has imputed to you. When you focus on righteousness you will move towards right living. How do you do this? Well sin consciousness is a result of having a law based mind. Romans 3 says that by the law is the knowledge of sin. When your mind is law based you will live sin conscious. The focus will be on your flesh, your ability and yourself. How on earth are you going to overcome sin this way? You can't keep doing the same thing year after year having the same failed results and stay convinced that it's the answer! No, grace is the answer! Grace will lead you to focus on Christ. Grace is all about His ability! Grace takes the focus off yourself and puts it on Christ. This is how you get into faith. This is how you get into the Spirit. This is how you step into His ability. Instead of trying to overcome sin, rather focus on how you can fill your heart and mind with the grace of God. That he has forgiven all your sins, past present and future. That he has made you perfectly righteous with His own righteousness and no sin can make you unrighteous. That he has brought you completely out of a law based relationship with Him and into a grace based relationship with Him. That His love and acceptance of you is not based on your performance but on Christ perfect performance on your behalf. That you have a new nature, God's very own nature. That you are a righteous person, seated with Christ in Heaven. That you are a spiritual person, who lives by faith, who is full of the Holy Spirit. You have a new identity. You are not a sinner you are a saint and a son of God. You are royalty in Christ. You have permanent access to God every moment of everyday and nothing can ever change that. You have complete confidence to draw near to God even after you've done something stupid. His love for you is unconditional, unending, unrestrained and is uninterrupted. Come on, meditate on the grace of God and fill your heart with Christ consciousness and righteous consciousness, even if you sin, keep your focus on Christ, and you will find sin diminishing in your life effortlessly and the life of God expanding in your life! When you think right and believe right, living right will follow.

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