The Pastors

Rob and Glenda RufusRob and Glenda Rufus

Rob and Glenda Rufus are the apostolic father and mother and the senior pastor couple of City Church International. They have raised three children, who all serve the Lord, Jay, Ryan and Bonnie and have been married since 1975. They grew up in South Africa where they planted their first church at the ages of 23 and 20, called Victory Faith Centre in Pinetown, Natal. The church quickly grew to 700 people within a few years, raised enough money to purchase its own amazing property. After leading for twelve years Rob and Glenda felt the call to Australia. They handed over VFC and left for Adelaide, South Australia. Victory Faith Centre (now called Red-Point Church) today has over 1000 members and is blessed to own its own property including a large and beautiful church facility.

In South Australia, Rob and Glenda co-led Coastlands International Christian Centre for three years with Dudley and Anne Daniel and then took on the full time leadership of the church, leading for a further seven years. It grew from 300 to over 1500 members within the ten years of their leadership acquiring a large property and a beautiful church building.

After handing over Coastlands in 2001, they travelled fulltime for 3 years ministering in Churches, conferences and crusades worldwide.

Then they felt the call of God to Asia. So again, obeying the voice of God, left for Hong Kong to start City Church International in 2004.

Rob and Glenda are loved by City Church and are raising up a powerful community of people that are filled with the love and grace of God. CCI has some of the most incredibly servant hearted and faith filled people you’ll ever meet. Their ministry is also groing in profile around the world, as they travel to many countries every year ministering the Gospel of Gods grace and helping to build local churches  everywhere.

If you’ve never been exposed to Rob’s ministry then please go to our media page right now and have a listen to some of his sermons. You will be blessed!


Ryan and Kylie RufusRyan and Kylie Rufus

Ryan and Kylie Rufus are full time pastors at City Church International who help to oversee and run all aspects of the Church. They have four amazing children Renae, Chloe, Kimberly and Asher and have been married since 1997.

God called them to Hong Kong in 2005 to assist Ryan’s parents (Rob and Glenda) in “raising up a large and influential church that would impact Hong Kong and the world.”

Before coming to Hong Kong they served on the eldership in Coastlands Christians Center in Adelaide, South Australia for three years and later at Northridge Church International for a year. 

Ryan and Kylie also have a publishing company called New Nature Publications that publishes Rob and Ryan’s books, and has also published some writings by Andrew Wommack, Joshua Mills, Arthur Meinjties, Fini de Gersigny and many more.

“We have an assignment from God to show Christians their salvation by showing them what truly took place when they got born again and how that impacts their life now. Between us we like to flow in the anointing, set the captives free, minister in the gifts of the Spirit, prophecy, interpret dreams, heal the sick and go after the lost. We feel called to Hong Kong to build City Church and see it become a large and powerful church that impacts Hong Kong and the world! Most of our time is spent ministering in Hong Kong but we do occasionally travel internationally for ministry. We perceive that this will increase a lot more into the future and are preparing for it.”

If you’ve never been exposed to Ryan’s ministry then please go to our media page right now and have a listen to some of his sermons. You will be blessed!