The grace revolution is not a violent revolution whose cry and mission is to "destroy legalism!" and "tear down religious structures". That only leaves a legacy of pain for years and years and builds nothing. No, the cry and the mission of the grace revolution is "Preach Christ. Set the Church free. Divine government. Divine order. Healthy local churches!" When you make it all about tearing legalism down then it has the seeds of anti-local church and it creates a paranoia that everyone who leads strong is a controller.

I think many have got an exaggerated view of when they were living under a leader who had some control and that they were such victims of all of that stuff, like it was so bad. Now for some it really was bad, but don't let the demonic exaggerate how bad it was because I tell you what, bad government is better than no government at all. There are people in Zimbabwe who wished they had thought about the process a lot better. As well as South Africa now.

We are not violent revolutionaries attacking legalism as our main definition of who we are, we are lovers and we preach Jesus and we preach the wisdom of God and the Kingdom of God.

If you look in the past of those who just attack legalism you'll see that they've actually built nothing. Just ropes of sand. No foundations. No happy people going on and connecting with their destiny. I want to connect people with their destiny! I want to empower people to connect with what their assignment from Heaven is.

A lot of churches that are still mixing a bit of law with grace are often still seeing the lost saved, they've got good leaders, they're actually lovely people some of them, and some of them have got a bit of controlling stuff - but all of us are having to watch our own hearts about control! I've seen more control in the grace-Pharisee world than when I was in the mixed law and grace world!

We're all members of the Body of Christ. There is no "grace movement!" There's no elitist grace movement or grace churches where "we're the elitist grace churches and they're the legalistic churches who mix law and grace but we are pure grace!" There's nothing of that in the Word of God. Paul does not talk about that.
And just because we get persecuted by people who mix law and grace, rather use that as an opportunity to show grace! But some "grace people" have got the reputation now of being the most aggressive. Have you seen how they respond when "legalists" attack them? We are not called to be antagonists in the Body of Christ. We are called to be gracious as we preach Christ and build up the Church!

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