What to expect

Saturday evening and Sunday morning service: 

On the way in you’ll be met by friendly greeters and welcomed into our ambient auditorium.

You’ll find the atmosphere warm, inviting, relaxed and fun. We believe Church should be the most exciting and uplifting place on the planet!

Our services are bilingual in English and Cantonese. Our desire is to be a fully integrated international and local church that all cultures are excited about and love to call home.

We kick off with worship that is lively and upbeat as we join together to praise God and celebrate His freedom and goodness. This normally progresses into worship that is more intimate as we glorify Christ and find great joy and refreshing in His presence.

Then onto some short announcements and a quick opportunity for people to give financially.

Following the announcements the children will be sent off Children’s Church in our dedicated children's facility and caters for ages 3 - 10. We use the Hillsong "BIG" curriculum with great resources and teachers that are passionate about seeing children raised up into their full potential and discovering the greatness of God that is inside of them.

We also have an excellent mother’s room for children aged 0-2 that has a live high quality TV feed of the service.

Now it’s time for the preaching of the Word of God. This is always very inspiring and empowering. We love the Gospel of Gods grace and helping people to discover who they are in Christ and what He is capable of doing through them.

The main speakers are Rob Rufus our lead pastor, and Ryan Rufus our associate pastor, yet from time to time you’ll also hear from some of our other great preachers and guest speakers.

The sermon is concluded with prayer, worship or a short time of ministry.

Once the meeting is dismissed the hall generally bursts into lively fellowship, as people enjoy connecting with each other over freshly brewed coffee and snacks served in our Connect Lounge.

We also have a ministry team after the service that prayer for anyone who would like further ministry. (This takes place near the front of the stage.)

We would be honoured to have you visit us!

Prayer meeting:

These are powerful and exciting meetings that we consider extremely important and essential to the progress of our church. We believe that prayer declares our total reliance on God and invites Heaven into our situations.

Our prayer meetings kick off at 7:30pm with lively praise and worship. This is followed by a quick talk from the leader to stir faith and present the theme of our prayers for the evening. Then everyone joins together in furvent prayers for the next 30 minutes or so. One thing is for sure everyone leaves feeling bold and excited about the purposes of God, knowing that things have shifted and our prayers are being answered by an awesome God!

Integrate groups:

These are our smaller group fellowships that help to integrate people into the life of our church and nurture healthy and purposeful relationships. 

All our groups currently are hosted in our church venue on various days. Check under "Community" and "Integrate Groups" for details about each group.

The leaders of these groups are people who the pastors of City Church recognize and have appointed. This ensures they all represent the heart and serve together in the vision of the church to care for and love people.

Every group has it’s on unique qualities and personalities but all are open and friendly and would love to have you come along and join in.