Who we are:

We are a non-denominational church that is led by pastors and has purposeful relationships with Churches and five-fold gifted ministries from all over the world.

We are an integrated English and Cantonese bi-lingual church that has a heart for locals and all nations.

We are a church that celebrates the grace of God knowing that it is what liberates us to become fully and uniquely what God destined us to be.

We have a high value for the Word of God, the presence of God, for the local church, for leaders and for see people finding their place in the Body of Christ and serving in a way that is fruitful and satisfying.

Our desire is to make the glory and majesty of Christ known in our city by being a church who displays what it looks like when heaven comes to a community of people here on earth.

Our church is not built around the talents and gifts of a few but by the sacrifices of many. We believe that collectively we are better and more effective than we can ever be individually.

We believe in growth. We believe in going after numbers and therefore we are a church that is geared to seeing the lost being saved, added and disciple. Everyone plays a part in this and together, everyone’s small part adds up to a big impact.

We believe in miracles and supernatural healing. They display the love of God to the world and endorse the message we preach that Jesus is the name above all names! We’ve seen numbers of people healed from all kinds of illness and we continue to train and equip people to heal the sick and encourage people to bring sick people to church just like in the Book of Acts.

Ultimately, our passion is to worship God, empower people and win our city for Jesus!

If this resonates with your heart and you are looking for a church then please feel free to pop in some time and fellowship with us.